Are You a Phubber?

Phubber.  Phubbing.  Phub.  

Odds are, you may not have heard this word yet.  That's because it's a relatively new word.  But even if you haven't heard the term, there's a pretty good chance you've been "Phubbed."

Phubbing is the act of choosing to engage your phone
rather than the person whom you are with.

PhubbingThe word Phubbing comes from taking the words "Phone" and "Snobbing" and joining them together to form the word, "Phubbing."

And it makes sense because if you're with someone and you're not engaged in your phone while they are in their phone, you find yourself feeling snobbed.  Especially if you want to talk to that person and they're all like, "Just a sec...ha-ha...this is so funny on Facebook!"  It's especially bothersome if they're texting someone else while you're right there trying to talk to them.  

Got a teenager in your family?  You've been Phubbed before.

Your dearly beloved ever been on their phone in the car while you and radio get to know each other a whole lot better?  Yep, that's Phubbing.

Know a Millennial?  They're Phubbing pro's!

And I'm afraid to say that even we Real Estate folksYou've Been Phubbed are guilty of Phubbing our dearly beloveds at times.  And (GASP), perhaps even our own clients.

I share this info with you today for a couple of reasons...

First, as a REALTOR® we need to be on top of what's going on in society.  This is a huge issue in our world today and studies are already showing that Phubbing is breaking apart relationships, which means Phubbing is breaking apart families.  That's huge because sadly, it means potentially more houses being sold as families break apart.  I love helping people buy and sell houses, but not when relationships or families are breaking apart.  That's no fun for anyone.  Check out this study by Baylor University that shows Phubbing can kill your romantic relationship.

The second reason you need to know about Phubbing is because, as a REALTOR®, our phone is a vital part of how we do business today.  But paying more attention to your phone when a real, living, breathing human being (who is a client) is with you is not cool.  It's ignoring the more important person in your life at that moment.  You are literally phone snubbing that person.  Although they may or may not say anything, I guarantee you phubbing a client could and will cost us clients.

"Houston, we have a problem!"The third reason I bring up phubbing today is because I'm betting you have the same problem I have at times.  Real Estate is like when a spouse is in the military.  Or when they're a fireman or policeman.  Or a school teacher.  It's a demanding career and can be like a third person in the relationship.  It comes along for the ride.  Especially when we are busy.  And that means we can end up being tied to our phone even when we are at home with the family.  And if we aren't careful, we Phub our families as we take the calls or answer texts during supper or at the kids ball game or in the middle of the swimming party on the 4th of July.  I'm not sure there's an easy answer to this other than to put your phone on silent and turn it upside down while you pay attention to the more important things in life.  The kids and your spouse.

Finally, I think we need to be aware of Phubbing because the upcoming generation needs to be taught social interaction. They have to understand that being smart about Phubbing matters.  Knowing when to put the phone down and pay attention will give them an advantage over their competition.  Phubbing could cost them a scholarship, a coveted career position or a huge client all because they didn't know or weren't smart about how and when they use their phone.  Think Steve Jobs here.  Think yourself too.  Would you hire someone to sell Real Estate if they phubbed you during the interview?  I wouldn't.  And I don't.  

And neither will home buyers and sellers.

Gloom, despair and agony on me...


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